Son dragged father to court claiming for his school fees


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ZIMBABWE – A Harare man was yesterday dragged to the civil court by his son who is claiming $150 for his school fees.

Rodgers Mutsaka was asking his father Lovemore Mahachi to help him with money so that he will be able to pay for his school fees.

“I am now in my Advanced level and I want my father to help me with money to pay the school fees, I am above 18 years, but I am incapable of paying the fees alone.

“My mother is not employed and she is in no position to help, that’s why I need my father to help me,” he said.

In response Lovemore said:

“I am incapable of paying money for him because as far as I am concerned this child finished his studies way back.

“I went to inquire from his school and they told me he has not been attending school. I can’t continue giving him money because I also have other children to take care of.

“From the letter I got from the school, Rodgers is in arrears concerning his fees and I don’t understand why because I have been giving his mother money to pay.

“I feel he want to use this money for his own personal reasons because at 21 years I was expecting him to be helping me to raise his other siblings but he still want to fork out money from me. I am very disappointed,” he said.

Rodgers disputed all this saying:

“My father has been paying $80 to my mother and my school fee is $120, I still need bus fare and food how I am supposed to pay school fees from that little money?

“He once defaulted to pay for four months and I almost dropped out of school, I was supposed to write my ‘A’ level this year but he refused to pay for my registration fee.

“He is lying that I am not going to school because I have evidence to prove that I am, as for the other siblings he is referring to, they are still very young and they are all on maintenance since they have different mothers,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Barbra Mateko deferred the matter to today.

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