Soul Jah Love’s Family Dismisses Claims Death Related To Drug Abuse


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HARARE- The late Soul Jah Love, real name Soul Musaka’s family has dismissed social media reports claiming the artiste’s death was related to drug abuse.

Soul Jah Love died on Tuesday at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare. He was known to be battling type 1 diabetes since the age of 16.

Speaking on behalf of the family, the late musician’s uncle, Solomon Musaka said dismissed the social media rumours relating the death to foul play or drug abuse, adding that the family will share the details soon.

“There are people posting zvavanoda pasocial media hativarambidze asi the actual position will come from us as the family. The information related to the period of his bereavement, cause of death, where his funeral wake will take place, date of burial and final resting place will be announced after family deliberations,” said Musaka.

Soul Jah Love was the last born in a family of eight, he lost his twin sister when he was 15 and his parents were both deceased.

The later singer attended Mhofu primary school in Highfield from grade one to four then moved to Waterfalls Prospect primary school where he eventually completed his primary education.

According to his sister Carol Musaka, the singer loved music from a very young age and formed a music band when he was only 14 years old.

“At around 13, Soul Jah Love would write songs in a small book that he always kept on him. I scolded him for it, but he always replied saying ‘ndirikunyora zvinhu zvangu.’

“When he was 14, he then formed a music group with one of our brothers, Spicy Tee, they called it, True Love Crew,” said Carol.

She added that the group soon received an endorsement from a local NGO to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issues.

“This was also the time he began working on his Ndozvandinomudira song.

“He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after falling unconscious countless times during his teens,” she added.

Carol said Soul Jah Love’s breakthrough in the music industry was unbelievable because she never expected it to be that fast.

“As a sibling, you don’t really believe it sometimes that your mother’s child is doing anything right. I never expected his breakthrough to be so quick because I used to laugh at him.

“In 2012, he came with Father Paris to my house in Highfield and told me that his career was taking off. He made me listen to his music from an almost broken flash disk and I continued laughing at him not knowing God was to soon smile at him. He then became a favourite to many until time of his death,” she said.

Adding that he (Soul Jah Love) fought so many battles alone, without their parents managed to reach a breakthrough in life alone.

The late chanter went on to produce multiple hits which include Pamamonya Ipapo, Ndini Uya Uya and Zvinhu among others.

It is reported that ‘Makuruwani’ as he was also affectionately known had recently signed a deal with Passion Java Records as the two tried to revive his career.

Last night, the self-proclaimed prophet Java released a video confirming the death of Soul Jah Love.

Tributes for the Conquering Music star have continued pouring from across the country, including prominent musicians and politicians.

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