Stepson beaten by mother with fan belt

Stepson beaten by mother with fan belt


ZIMBABWE – A 21-year old woman was arraigned before the court for spanking her 8 year old stepson with a fan belt over US$0.50 leaving him nursing cuts and bruises on the back and legs.

Rutendo Chatunguma assaulted the child accusing him of stealing the money that she intended to give to one, Letty whom she owed.

She pleaded guilty to ill-treating a minor when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove.

Magistrate Zihove remanded her to tomorrow for sentencing.

Circumstances are that on December 9, the boy was sitting in the sitting room with his step mother when Letty became demanding her money.

Chatunguma started to look for the US$0.50 that she had left on the Sofa she failed to locate it and was forced to give Letty US$20 to take her money and give her the change.

When Letty left Chatunguma accused the boy of stealing her money, she then told him that she wanted to discipline him.

She then took a fan belt and struck the boy on the legs and back several times.

He sustained injuries and was treated at Harare hospital.

A complaint was lodged with the police leading to Chatunguma’s arrest.

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