Suluman hitting the stage and supporting his mates

Suluman hitting the stage and supporting his mates


ZIMBABWE – Suluman Chimbetu and his uncle Allan exhibited a symbol of unity in their family on Friday night when they shared the stage.

Allan joined Sulu on stage during his performance at Dandaro Inn much to the pleasure of his fans.

Sulu introduced Allan as his father, “Ndatsikwa nababa vangu,” before Allan moved to the microphone and joining the Orchestra Dendera Kings in dance.

With several stories of rifts in the dendera family, such display of unity is vital in dispelling speculation.

The Chimbetu family is also set to be united in support of fellow Chimbetu son Tryson’s album set for Radost Platinum this Thursday.

The launch will feature Sulu, Douggie and Allan all in support of Tryson.

Allan is brother to Sulu and Tryson’s late fathers Simon and Naison and he is father to another dendera musician Douglas.

Allan once worked with Sulu in the Orchestra Dendera Kings before he leave to revive his Central Committee and several theories circulated regarding their separation.

The latest development is efforts enough to cement the perceived cracks in the Chimbetu family.

Sulu’s publicist Joe ‘Local’ Nyamungoma said they were happy to have Allan at the show saying unity prevails in the family.

“In all things, family comes first that is why you see us supporting each other. Mdara came to the show and he supported,” he said.

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