Sunshine Zimbabwe project partners city & guilds

Sunshine Zimbabwe project partners city & guilds

ZIMBABWE – Sunshine Zimbabwe Project has partnered with City and Guilds of London Institute (City Guilds) to offer courses to remedial students.

Sunshine Zimbabwe received a donation of $8 222 which was used to construct an office and a classroom to be used for the City Guilds remedial classes.

The donations came from TSL Limited and Flying Frog restaurant, which gave $6 947 and $1 275 respectively.

City Guilds offers several courses that cover a wide range of skills, namely hospitality, motor vehicle engineering, carpentry, IT for office applications, food preparation, housekeeping, and food and beverage services.

However, the courses on offer so far are hospitality, food preparation, carpentry, and motor engineering. The other courses are expected to be rolled out soon.

Sunshine Zimbabwe Project chairperson Marion Du Preez said the purpose of setting up this vocational school was to help students of lower ability to be employable.

“The purpose of establishing this special accreditation is that the students with lower ability, struggling in main stream school, can now achieve certification in these courses and become employable in the future.  They gain self-confidence, a meaning of self-worth and independence,” Du Preez said.

Sunshine Zimbabwe Project obtained accreditation from the City Guilds back in September 2015, while approval from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education came in November 2015.

Education co-ordinator Pamela Rutsito said they would be introducing more of the courses starting with IT in the coming months.

Sunshine Zimbabwe Project was established in 2011 to provide education and training to adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The project was developed in response to a need for a facility to cater for school leavers from special schools within Harare.

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