Teenagers teamed up to steal father’s gun for robbing

Teenagers teamed up to steal father’s gun for robbing


ZIMBABWE – One of the teenagers who teamed up with his two friends to steal a gun from his father to use it in robberies has denied the allegations.

The 17-year-old denied the theft and attempted robbery charges he was facing when he appeared before magistrate Francis Mapfumo.

But his other 17-year-old friend and David Pedro, 21, admitted to attempted robbery whilst using the gun although they denied stealing the gun from their friend’s father.

Pedro and the other teenager said that the hire the gun from their friend whom they said had stolen it from his father.

The trio is expected to be back in court on December 28 for trial.

Names of the teenagers have been withheld for legal reasons.

Allegations facing the trio are that they connived to steal the gun from one of the teenager’s father and hatched a plan to commit criminal offences.

It is said that they went to one of the teenager’s father’s house in Waterfalls where they forced open the gun’s cabinet.

Allegations are that they stole a 303 Riffle.

Alpha Moyo then discovered the offence and went to inform the police about the theft.

The court heard that after stealing the gun, the trio went to Simon Mazorodze where they went to station themselves at the corner of Manchester Road looking for targets.

It is said that they approached Trymore Chikore who was in the company of his friend Philemon Mudiwa whilst armed with the rifle.

Reports are that Chikore managed to start his vehicle and drive away leaving the three at the scene.

Chikore and Philemon returned at the scene with police who managed to apprehend the trio.

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