The countdown is over and the much-hyped 2016 Ignition Concert headlined by Jah Prayzah alongside Winky takes place this evening

The countdown is over and the much-hyped 2016 Ignition Concert headlined by Jah Prayzah alongside Winky takes place this evening


ZIMMBABWE – For those who are yet to get advance tickets, they will be available at the show venue – 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale – as early as 9am to ease pressure and the last minute rush.

Being the main day, event coordinator – Patrick Vijay – insists all is well at this upmarket joint popular with big spenders and H-Town’s well-heeled.

On demand female dancer Lady Storm, who rose to prominence after featuring in Jah Prayzah’s beautiful video as Eriza, is also part of the bill.

And being the major highlight of January, the show has exciting packages set to win hearts of many.


This new trend, which was popularised by Team JP following the 3rd Generation outfit’s rare exploits in the video Eriza, will be embraced this trend TONIGHT.

Fans, who will clad in their former schools uniform as has become the norm, stand a chance to win big at the event, says Vijay.

In fact, this new concept has brought a change in showbiz and why not be part of the new trend.


While those aligned to Jah Prayzah will be encouraged to wear school uniforms, fans who are aligned to Winky D have been urged to put on Ninja gear in solidarity with their boss.

However, this does not mean that there will be faction but it will be just for fun as the two youthful chanters usher merry-makers into the new season on song and dance.

It’s also a concept Winky D’s camp will also embrace.


Lucky imbibers will tonight stand a chance to will bottles of whiskey while ladies will also get theirs.

These goodies will be given to the best dressed fans gracing the event.

So if your fashion sense is good, why not make a date and dress to kill and win your prize.


Dubbed the (Jah Prayzah & Winky D) 2016 Ignition Concert, the rare double – marking the official start of the new 2016 season – has since been endorsed by many who prefer whiling their time with peers at upmarket venues.

The two camps will easily be remembered for a successful 2015 season where Jah Prayzah dominated for the greater part of the year while the festive season literally belonged to Winky D.

Winky D is still the man to watch as he continues to justify his ‘man of the moment’ tag with majesty wherever he plays.

The same goes for Jah Prayzah whose camp promised to usher out all their artistic verve ahead of this double.

The show runs from 7pm till very late.

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