The tragedy of a Grace Mugabe presidency

The tragedy of a Grace Mugabe presidency


ZIMBABWE – What to many people started as a sick joke is fast turning into a very uncomfortable dream judging by the crowds at Mutambara Centre in Manicaland.

Looking at the unusual events in the revolutionary party where grown up men and women took their bootlicking to unreachable heights fighting for the right to host our First Lady, it sounds unreal but chances are very high that Amai already has one foot on the throne.

To ignore that tragedy will be very dangerous and detrimental to the well-being of future generations to come. We must also remember that we are living in miracle times. Joseph Chinotimba was raised from the dust to Parliament, isn’t it a miracle?

Babies are being produced within 24 hours and vanish? Only in Zimbabwe where you can find churches producing parallel currencies through miracles, HIV and Cancer healed by stroke of Prophetic hand in defiance of all proven medical wisdom.

So what can stop another miracle from happening and see President Grace Mugabe? The possibility is very high hence my desire to explain why her ascendency will be tragic for Zimbabwe.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Amai’s constitutional right to assume the presidency just like anyone else, besides she learnt from one of the best political minds in Africa, her husband, the sitting President.

Over the years she equipped herself with distinguished knowledge of all political shenanigans, who can be your best teacher besides a distinguished guerrilla leader, Prime Minister and President. Ignore her at own peril.

But that’s where my great fear is coming from. Her political background and close associates. Will she be able to make her own decisions?

Greatest Fear

Her husband, The president, will go down in history as a well-respected guerrilla leader and champion of the black man’s cause but in the process presided over economic disaster, cared less about fellow citizens and accepted the suffering as inevitable and something he simply expected people to endure regardless of the level of suffering.

He also refused to do the right thing to alleviate the incredible suffering and in such a scenario, will a Grace Mugabe presidency usher in a new way of governance? I doubt because her learning curve emanates from one book, that is her husband.

Ability to govern

Of course Amai is in the right place but at the wrong time. Our country cannot afford to have a disguised monarchy. Besides being the President’s wife she never managed a single entity until Gushungo holdings and Mazowe Orphanage came to the public domain.

She can just be a place holder for other people and I don’t think her doctorate has equipped her with smart thinking required for the highest office. That will be very dangerous especially with Chinese people corruptly acquiring national assets for a song, they might want to protect their loot through her.

Let’s ask ourselves, the unprecedented level of generosity shown by Amai at Mutambara Centre, goods worth millions exchanged hands among the impoverished villagers bussed from wherever who knows. Where did Amai get that money from when the country is so poor? My guess is as good as anyone, The Chinese of course!

Carrying over her husband’s failed policies is another tragedy waiting to happen. She might be holding a manuscript on how to continue with Pan Africanist ideologies, protecting the land reform at whatever costs, forward with indigenisation laws against economic wisdom, 50% shareholding apiece even when indigenous investor doesn’t have a single cent to contribute, only awaiting profit sharing in the name of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi and all those who departed during the second Chimurenga.

Yes we know it’s our shares we fought and “died” for them. Want to invest, give us indigenous shares period.

Ability to fight corruption

If media reports are anything to go by, those pushing for Amai’s ascendency are either politically inept or have accumulated unexplained wealth over the years. Will Grace Mugabe be able to eradicate corruption when in actual fact those implicated in huge corrupt deals, be it airport building, Telecel shareholdings, ZINARA tenders, closed Bulawayo industries, urban land fights etc. are either closely related to her or they come from Mashonaland West or Zezurus. I wonder how that is going to work out.

There might be family or clan war which already started when the Gushungo clan has been sub-divided by one named Patrick Zhuwawo over Telecel shares or police roadblocks. I remember him doing accelerated clan reform program when he said Phillip Chiyangwa’s Gushungo is from Mars.

Commander-in Chief

With many liberation icons rattled by Amai’s method of entering the political fray, that is subjugation, suspensions and name calling, is it not a recipe for discontent within the military and war vets establishments.

Will she be able to mend the relations with those who respect the decorated late war hero General Solomon Mujuru after relentless attacks and cooked up allegations against his widow, who on her own right is also a five star war champion, Will she be able to command and retain loyalty of the army?

It is something open to public debate. Also she didn’t participate in the liberation war, except if third Chimurenga now qualifies someone as a war hero, anyway both the second and third Chimurenga’s main objectives was to give land to the landless blacks and its ongoing.

Out of touch with reality

Not to be outdone by monstrous mansions dotting the leafy suburbs of Harare, Amai built a blue roofed gigantic mansion suitable for royalty and Hollywood stars amidst a sea of poverty to rival Chiyangwa and Mpofu palaces, now the trophy holder is Political commissar’s Hotel/mansion, to many people that was insensitive for a potential President.

Then there was the Manzou farm scandal where animals took precedence over people, showing her love for animal games, she also exonerated Palmer the Cecil Lion Dentist from any wrong doing.

Kudos to Amai for the orphanage and the school although unconfirmed reports say the school is now a hub for the rich and affluent school kids from Borrowdale and surroundings. Not to forget Bona’s lavish wedding and endless birthday bashes gobbling millions at any given opportunity to celebrate.

I wonder if Sekuru Ndunge in Chipinge is going to be her first priority or if Mbuya Marufu in Gandanzara will get a hospital near her village before a mansion is built or Low Water Matemai at Nyoka Primary in Mahuwe will get books or teachers before a birthday bash is held. Am not saying don’t vote for her am just stating why Amai won’t get my vote.

Waiting to see if Amai is going to STOP IT.

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