'There Is No Wounded Lion' – Tsvangirai Tells Mugabe


Zimbabwe – MDC President Tsvangirai today castigated statements by Robert Mugabe at his dead ZANU PF conference that this time he will fight like a wounded lion.

“There is no wounded lion. Who would you want to fight? Who will you convince? To kill who? The people know what they want and they will determine it at the right time,” he said.

Speaking during the burial of Nyarai Makone at Glen Forest Cemetery today, President Tsvangirai took a swipe at the spirit of violence saying there is need to end that flame of violence. “There is no need for anymore confrontation. The problem we have now is those who want to spread the flame of violence. If we are able to deal with this flame, this country has a bright future. I continue to encourage you not to fight each other. Do not be aggressive to other people. Do not kill each other”.

He encouraged the Makone family to grieve with hope as Nyarai was a gift and a flower from God given to her family, adding that in God’s season, he decided to pluck the flower.

He said he is mourning as a parent as Nyarai was just like a child to him as the Makones and the Tsvangirais were close family friends. “I am mourning an assertive daughter. Nyarai was a unique girl and I can tell you that she was very brilliant. But unfortunately, all that brilliance has gone,” he lamented.

President Tsvangirai said: “Nyarai represents a generation of Zimbabwean youths, whose expectations we should strive to fulfill. The gap between their expectations and what we are delivering as a country is so wide. Every youth here expects to have a job, to have a family.

To grow up to be successful especially with the way we are educating them. The question we have as parents is what future are we providing for our children? Are we providing a positive and bright future? Are we providing an aspiration for all the youth in this country that they would love to lead a better life?”

He added that Zimbabwe has talented young people and the parents need to instil hope in the children.

Nyarai passed away on Friday at her parents home in Domboshava. She was 32.

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