Thieves stole US$1k worth goods from primary school

Thieves stole US$1k worth goods from primary school


ZMBABWE – Thieves pounced at Chigwedere Primary School residents and got away with goods worth more than a thousand United States dollars.

Two female teachers Susan Munzvandi and Memory Muchokoti failed to conduct lessons on the school opening day leading police with investigations.

The two lost electrical goods including a laptop worth US$1140.

School headmaster Moses Zimbeva confirmed the incident saying the thieves could have taken advantage of one security guard at the school.

“We have one security guard here at school and I want to believe the thieves took advantage of that and stole the goods behind his back,” said Zimbeva.

“The thieves could have used bolt cutters to unlock the keys since the doors looked locked and the affected teachers discovered it upon their return.

“We are not sure of when the thieves pounced but according to the security guard they could have got away with the goods last Friday or Saturday,” said Zimbeva.

However, in another incident, H-Metro witnessed one of the Grade One pupils escaping from the school before one of the senior girls took her back demanding to go home during break time.

A number of school children spotted along Hwedza Road arrived school wet after they were caught by the rains that poured in the morning on Tuesday.

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