Throw Mugabe into the sea, MDC-T man

Throw Mugabe into the sea, MDC-T man


ZIMBABWE – MDC-T Harare provincial chairperson Eric Murai says the only way to save Zimbabwe from implosion is to throw President Robert Mugabe into the sea the same way biblical sailors discarded Jonah to save the Tarshish-bound ship from sinking.

Murai said this to MDC-T supporters and mourners gathered at the burial on the late deputy mayor of Harare Thomas Muzuva on Saturday at Wedza Betera village.

Muzuva was also the party’s provincial treasurer.

Murai said Zimbabwe does not need Zanu PF’s so-called ZimAsset economic recovery blue print.

This country does not need an economic blue print and Mugabe’s economic 10 point plan; it’s a waste of time thinking that this will solve the crisis the country is facing, Murai said.

This country does not need a Dangote and his monies or the Chinese mega deals.

What we need to do is to throw Mugabe into the water to save this sinking ship called Zimbabwe.

He is the one causing the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans because of his selfishness.

Murai was referring to a biblical story in which the Hebrew prophet Jonah was sent by God to prophesy the destruction of Nineveh but chose to run away from the Lord and escape to Tarshish by ship instead.

The Lord then sent a great wind and a violent storm that threatened to break up the ship.

After they discovered that the cause of the dangerous situation was Jonah, the sailors seized him and threw him overboard and the raging sea grew calm.

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