Tongai Chirandu will soon release his new album

Tongai Chirandu will soon release his new album


ZIMBABWE – Identity Band leader Tongai Chirandu Tarubona is set to release videos for his latest album Shambakodzi and is expected to be out by June end.

The DVD will have tracks such as Vatete, Monica, Stress, Template, Zvatosvorana and Varaidzo.

In an interview with the Harare based Tarubona, he said his music is a fusion of traditional and sungura and fans are going to love it.

“I’m currently working on videos to my songs and also embarking on live shows as a way of promoting my music.

“I usually fuse traditional and sungura in my music,” he said

He added that he has been busy the whole of last.

“I have been doing few scattered shows across the country, the limitation being work commitments,” said Tarubona

Apart from being a musician he said he works in a bank so his schedule is tight.

“I work as a principal economist in one of the local banks and since 2014 I was doing my masters degree in Economics with the University of Zimbabwe,” he said

He is promising something special for his fans.

“What we are currently working on is going to be good, fans should expert more good songs that are coming their way.”

He added;

“There is another album in the pipeline which I’m going to release by the end of the year if everything goes according to plan.”

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