Tsvangirai conferred with another honorary doctorate


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HARARE – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has received another honorary doctorate degree from the Sun Moon University in South Korea, in recognition of his efforts towards attaining peace and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Sun Moon University granted Tsvangirai an honorary doctorate in Public Administration and commended the former trade unionist for pursuing a peaceful and non-violent campaign for democratisation.

In his acceptance speech at the occasion of the award of his honorary doctorate degree, Tsvangirai said he was deeply humbled to be a recipient of the prestigious recognition and dedicated it to the people of Zimbabwe.

“I accept this honorary degree as a great honour, not only for myself, but for the entirety of the people of Zimbabwe as well,” the MDC leader said. “To be the person that I am today is not simply down to luck or individual effort but it is because of the people around me.

“Without the work and efforts of the people of Zimbabwe, I would not be standing here, awaiting receipt of this prestigious honour. This recognition is therefore their award – indeed, our award, and I am a mere agent receiving it on their behalf,” said Tsvangirai, praising the people of Zimbabwe for their resilience, persistence and strength of character.

Making reference to the peaceful and non-violent means as essential to sustainable change, Tsvangirai added, “We have stood steadfast by our principle to pursue our cause of democratic reform through peaceful and non-violent means. Where others in similar circumstances might have been forced to use forceful means and violence, we have remained true to our word, believing that peaceful means are the ultimate agents of sustainable transformation.”

Tsvangirai has another honorary degree in Law from Pai Chai University, which is also in South Korea.

In August last year the French government awarded Tsvangirai the French Legion of Honour in recognition for his fight for democracy.

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    • Are you normal?? Honorary haingopihwa munhu. wese wese. This man deserves it. Iwe wakafunda here ipapa? I doubt very much, just from your comment. An educated person doesn't post such comments.

  1. I am of the opinion that, if one do not possess an academic degree, then an honorary becomes some sort of Mockery…

  2. Asi chiiko maZimbo. Just take things the way they are. We need to kill this evil spirit yekungo shora. Ingo korokotedzawo mwana wamudhara,hapana chaunobva. Mwari atiwanire nyasha.

  3. Chero mukaramba hazvichinje chinhu, chatiri kuda kuchinja chete iZanu PF. Makadii kutaura paaipiwa baba Chatunga. SAVE NDIZVO

  4. Yei , ''the honorary doctorate degree for the effort he put in attaining peace and democracy'' akomana saka vakarwira nyika ino kuti Tsvangson azomirizika achienda kuSouth Korea imboko nhai. Muchaona zvenyu mhepo dzevakaifira nyika ino dzoosimuka. Ungakwikwidzana nemweya wemunhu akafa, hameno tinenge tichiona tese vanoti pasi nenyika nevanoti pamberi nenyika

  5. hahaha digiriii racho…kufarira maruwa embava. soon they will be taking your gold and diamonds while you smile at the flowers. ask lobengula.

  6. What did the idiot do to be awarded the degrees? Some people sweat for degrees while some cherry-pick them,Eish……!!!!!!

  7. Zvakangofanana nekupfekedza hochi sutu izvi.In no time it will be walowing in mud.As volunteer international spokesman he may deserve any stupid award to keep his ego egged on!

    By Njabulo
    In all countries in the world war heroes are highly respected. They are respected by even the opposition parties .This should be the case in Zimbabwe and in South Africa .A good example were this is happening is USA .Any person who sacrificed their life for a good cause like the war veterans is /are highly respected .More so ,they should get more incentives from various companies ,institutions or any organizations. For example ,be exempted from paying for medication. Other subsidization ,can be in transport or in properties such as houses.[war vets to always carry authentic war vets identity cards]. It is bad to see anyone who made such a sacrifice not having a decent accommodation. The war veterans can also be exempted from paying school fees for their children. There should also be a medical team set up to provide counselling .A free medical scheme should be set up for them that can even allow them to go for treatment even abroad. Some may have suffered serious injuries during the course of the war. There should also be schemes set up to raise monies for the heroes such as those set up in Europe. The public also need to be made conscious of the sacrifices these people made for them.It is the mind of the public that the government need to deal with. Some people have a wrong perception about war veterans .This is because they believe that they belong to a certain political part. This is totally wrong. The war veterans belong to Zimbabwe or in South Africa to South Africa. They are like a national football team of any country. Even if any government takes over say after thirty years or so ,that particular government will continue to help the war veterans. This is only but a bit that i have written here. A lot can be done for them .For example ,money can be solicited for them through charities. A national account can be set up by the government for 'HELP FOR HEROES' .The public can then deposit money in that account at their own will. A lot of people can help. The youth can collect donations from the public .The proceeds collected can then be deposited to the account of the war veterans. This is food for thought.
    By Njabulo

  9. He deserves the degree only fools can not see that he tirelessly and selflessly he fought peacefully for democracy in our motherland" Zimbabwe land of milk and honey, breadbasket of Africa "As the country was sliding into the hands of the dogs which were preaching socialism in theory but on the ground busy looting from the white commercial farmers in the name of " communinism a classlessly society" Now their bellies are big,,they have created a new class of greedy ,cruel , murderous African black capitalist ,by deceiving poor rural folks with maize grain , beans ,scotchcarts, harrows& ploughs whilst they are busy amassing wealth in farms&mines preaching socialism to the poor & mass slaughtering&butchering those resis{tDR M Tsvangirai&us } their treacherous activites .Its a pity ,unfortunate &regrettable ,God have mercy on my motherland ZIMBABWE I love my country .PUNISH THEM!


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