Tsvangirai must seize this moment


OPINION – I think this is most crucial test for Tsvangirai’s political and leadership aptitude. This is a one in a million chance that Tsvangirai and MDC might never have in all eternity.

1.It is obvious that this is the worst political suicide that RGM has done since 1983. For the first time a great rift has been created within the major support base of ZPF which traditionally was Mashonaland Central/west and Midlands. Such and un-ceruminous error will be the major shift in the balance of the scale in future elections.

2.Tsvangirai possibly has a bit of leverage now to extend his campaign not only in the traditional no go areas, but also in the disgruntled population who feel hard done by the mafia wars have sidelined their interests.

3.MDC at this time is in no doubt having sympathisers in ZPF who now share the same view that the ageing communist party is no longer desirable for Zimbabwe. Although there might not be a direct connection of ideology I think MDC now has a indirect telepathic connection on what Tsvangirai has been saying all along that change is required.

4.RGM now has the worst dilemma of either dissolving the parliament or face the imminent possibility of a hung parliament again. In the worst case scenario he might even become the minority within parliament. Another angle would be to recall all the MPS who backed the axed Vice president. This again is political suicide which could yet again prove to be fatal for ZPF.

5.After all has been said, I myself believe RGM has lost his touch strategically and politically. The numerous bleeps that he made during public addresses not only prove that the flamboyant communist might be reaching the doldrums of his career but he might not physically be able to be meet the task. In all honesty with the VP gone I think Zimbabweans have no other option than the tried and tested former Prime Minister rather than an unknown minore

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