Tsvangirai predicts doom by december

Tsvangirai predicts doom by december


ZIMBABWE – Former Prime Minister and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday claimed that by December the country will plunge into anarchy.

Tsvangirai told mourners in Wedza during the burial of Harare deputy mayor councillor Thomas Muzuva.

Muzuva died of colon cancer last week. He was 43.

“Those who are good go first, it is a pity for the country that only murderers and thieves remain behind,” he said.

“It is sad to loose future leaders of this movement. Our problem is we face a serious crisis that if the ruling party cannot move the country out of this crisis it is incumbent upon the opposition to act.

“We should find a way because at this rate the country is likely to implode by December let alone 2018 (the year Zimbabwe is expected to hold the next elections)”.

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