Tsvangirai will lead Zimbabwe – Whether you like it or not!


ZIMBABWE – There has never been a time in the history of Zimbabwe when the people of this great nation have been so determined to change a regime that has brought so much misery to their livelihood.

Since independence, the people have witnessed massive deterioration of services designed to sustain the development of Zimbabwe and its people, due to rampant corruption, maladministration, nepotism and incompetence by the Zanu PF led government.

Against this backdrop, the people have been left with no other option, but to side with the man who is most likely to take them to the Promised Land. The man is Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

The reason why so many Zimbabweans are so angry, sick and tired of Mugabe as a ruler and not a leader is because of corruption adding violence. In Zimbabwe today, the fight against corruption is the most fundamental task in the transformation of Zimbabwe to become a peaceful, just, humane, progressive, productive and prosperous nation.

We, as the people of Zimbabwe feel the pain inflicted by corruption as corruption prevents us from having basic necessities of life such as food, good health, sound education, safe drinking water, electricity, communication, housing, affordable transport system among others.

Unlike Zanu PF, the MDC-T has made efforts to curb corruption by eliminating some of the corrupt elements within its ranks, which saw some unruly councillors and mayors being shown the door. Irked by this gesture of transparentness as a way of leading by example, Zanu PF even went on to claim that those fired misfits were disgruntled people defecting from MDC-T.

Furthermore, President Tsvangirai remains as determined as ever before in dealing with social outcasts within MDC-T who are counterproductive and a liability to the party.

However it doesn’t go without mentioning that the rot in urban councils across the country has nothing to do with MDC-T, but it is a creation of the Mugabe led government. There has been a minority of unruly elements within MDC-T who have been trying to exacerbate the situation by engaging in unwarranted acts of corruption, instead of finding solutions to the rot.

We know the route to finding the solutions has been sabotaged by Chombo in an effort to portray the MDC-T councillors as corrupt. However this does not give MDC-T councillors an excuse to be part of the rot as it doesn’t make the situation any better. Chombo has always stood in the MDC-T’s way in an attempt to block its councillors’ effort in implementing interventions aimed at the upliftment of councils.

Zanu PF’s approach to corruption remains the same as yesterday, today and the chances are high that it will remain so even tomorrow. In Zanu PF they reward thieves. The most corrupt retain their posts even if there would be a clear track record of the post holder’s corrupt tendencies. Corruption in Zanu PF is well documented since the Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries scandal to the Marange Diamond fields’ saga.

Only yesterday, in yet another scandal involving massive looting of diamond, Zanu PF’s Mike Madiro and his marauding thugs swindled nearly US$1 million, in a scum that is likely to implicate other Zanu PF bigwigs. Madiro has since made a comment that appears to tell us that we haven’t seen anything yet and that he will disclose everything if his party continues to victimise him.

Mugabe and his cronies have drained the country of its resources without any sign of stopping to the detriment of so many. If Morgan Tsvingirai is not going to get the people of Zimbabwe out of this rot, so who is?

Time and again Mugabe and his Zanu PF have shown the people of Zimbabwe that they have nothing to offer but cheap, stupid and old rhetoric about the ideals of liberation struggle and that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

Engage any Zanu PF supporter or sympathiser in a debate, be it a learned professor, all what they will lecture to you is about the ideals of liberation struggle and nothing else. Tsvangirai is saying as much as people would want to understand their liberation history and its ethos, we need not to forget about the present. At present people desperately need ideas that bring a just society, robust health system, a thriving economy, better schools, roads and social services among other ideas, not lectures on ideals of liberation struggle.

Richard and his Movement for Democratic Change party of excellence offers solutions to the rot that was introduced by the Zanu PF led government. Among other policies, they unveiled a comprehensive economic blue print which enables an environment for citizens with entrepreneurial skills to flourish and do business with no hindrance aside from standard laws that protect workers, communities, consumers and our ecology. The document is on the MDC-T website for every to read.

Indeed the people of Zimbabwe are walking their last mile to the Promised Land. Hezvo!!!!

Majaira Jairosi Research Scholar

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