Tsvangirai will never legislate against gays

Tsvangirai will never legislate against gays


ZIMBABWE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has insisted that if he is elected into power, he will never legislate against gays.

In the no-holds-barred exchanges by ZiFM Sterio Monday night, Tsvangirai was challenged on gay rights after appearing to have supported them while visiting the UK years ago and then back-tracking once he returned to Harare.

“I am not gay,” Tsvangirai said Monday. “I have never (said) I am pro-gays or I am against gays.

“The constitution is very clear and I will go by the constitution. The constitution gives protection and it protects every Zimbabwe regardless of sexual orientation.”

He added: “I have always said as far as sexual freedom, sexual orientation is concerned we never and we will never legislate against gays and we will never be in a position of saying we are.

“But for me personal I don’t subscribe to that.”

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