Tsvangirai will reject another unity govt.


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ZIMBABWE – Opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he wants a forensic audit of the election.


Zimbabwe’s election took place on Wednesday and it was revealed on Saturday Robert Mugabe’s party won the vote by winning a two-thirds majority in parliament.

Tsvangirai’s party has raised concerns about the high number of voters prevented from registering to vote and then from actually voting on Election Day. 

The party is also concerned about the reportedly large number of voters being ‘helped’ to vote in the rural areas despite Zimbabwe’s record literacy rates. 

Tsvangirai told diplomats and the media that he would not be part of another unity government as happened after the last disputed polls in 2008. 

As she announced presidential results on Saturday Zimbabwe’s Electoral Commission Chief had said she’d wanted a perfect poll. 

But Tsvangirai doesn’t believe this is what he got.


The MDC leader says Zimbabwe is in national mourning and all hopes have been dashed by the victory of ZANU-PF.

Mugabe has until Wednesday to make his case to the Electoral Commission. Meanwhile he will give a dossier of irregularities to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) whose observer mission to the election called it peaceful and free but stopped short of calling it fair.

The election has been given the thumbs down by countries that imposed sanctions on Robert Mugabe for stealing polls in 2002 and 2009.

Countries like the EU, the UK and Australia joined several others around the world in rejecting the outcome of the poll.

Australia is calling for the election to be re-run while US Secretary of State John Kerry has called on the SADC and the African Union (AU) to address the concerns over Zimbabwe’s disputed election saying the election was not credible and ‘deeply flawed’.


President Jacob Zuma has congratulated his Zimbabwean counterpart, Robert Mugabe, on his re-election.

In a statement, Zuma urges all parties to accept the outcome of the election as observers had reported it to be an expression of the will of the people.

He commended Zimbabwe for conducting a peaceful election. 

This is Mugabe’s seventh consecutive election victory as President of Zimbabwe and means he will stay in power until he is 94 years-old.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)

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    The Zimbabwe elections at a glance; Why did MDC T lose the elections?.
    It is not a reasonable and best option to take to the streets. We have seen what that course of action yields. Egypt is a good epitome of this and other countries that followed suit. We do not want people to die for nothing(sanctity of life). That is a stupid and perilous advice to the nation. The only option is to take the issue to court if any party is not content with the outcome of the elections .Now you tell me what is going to happen to the people if there is mayhem in Zimbabwe? I think the person who is for this idea should start himself or herself. We do not want anyone to die for nothing. It is important that people value life. If you incite people to engage in such dangerous activities, then the person inciting them should be able to face the law if anyone dies. Every life is important9sanctity of life). It is foreseeable to any man with a sound mind that such action would yield nothing but only death, destruction of property(criminal damage) and other heinous crimes. So, should a peaceful people of Zimbabwe engage in such a course of action?. Let us be reasonable. This is like putting suicide bombs on children of others to go and die yet you leave yours to live. A very cynical idea indeed.
    Why did MDC T lose the elections?.(contributory negligence)
    When MDC was formed or launched, there was harmony and solidarity in their political party. Then they started to fight each other.MDC became polarised. By doing this they betrayed the trust of their followers. Those were the first signs that indicated that its leadership had failed to live up to its expectations and promises that it made to its followers. What happened next? MDC lost a lot of its supporters. What happened next? They lost the elections to ZANU PF. What happened next? They blamed ZANU PF for rigging the elections. What happened next? There were further divisions in the MDC Party .Their party was dichotomised .Thus we have MDC T and MDC N. What happened next? Their party lost a lot of supporters. What happened next? ZAPU PF and other political parties were formed .What happened due to this ?MDC T and MDC N had to share their supporters with these new political parties. A lot of people that used to identify or were politically affiliated to the old ZAPU PF of father Zimbabwe which merged with ZANU PF to form a Unity Party ,reverted to CDE Dumiso Dabengwa’s ZAPU PF PARTY. What happened next? The people of Zimbabwe were/are confused as to which political party to follow. What happened next? They joined ZANU PF. In particular the rural folk. Most of the urbanities chose to join any of the ZANU PF opposition parties. Others reverted to ZANU PF. What happened then ? ZANU PF gained a political mileage. What was the other causes for ZANU PF to gain strength? It is because of the land issue. A lot of people in the urban areas are ambivalent when it comes to the land issue. By dint of analogy , it appears that MDC T did not explain properly its intentions or policy of the land .That is giving a good answer as to what they were going to do .Again, the idea of reversing the indigenisation policy instituted by ZANU PF ,is one major factor that put a dent to MDC T and MDC N. So if you are a prudent person ,please ponder over the above facts .You will come to conclude that the allegations of vote rigging are nothing but malicious. You will come to conclude that, MDC is the author of its problems in this case. In fact any reasonable person should be blaming both MDC Parties for betraying them.(note that i am impartial in this).
    It is the right of every citizen of Zimbabwe to express their political ideas. Thus it would be more ideal to make a new beginning in MDC T .For example ,when the Labour Party in lost the elections in Britain ,to the Conservative ,they changed their leadership. In USA ,Obama was chosen as a candidate in order to win the elections against their opponents. If MDC is to win ,then it too must employ the same strategy. That is choose a new candidate .The then leaders are to relinquish their positions in the next elections. This does not mean i am undermining the ability of the then MDC T President. But the truth is that the man at the helm of each political party in any state matters most. We have seen what happened to the short lived government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We have also seen what happened and what is obtaining in various states in the world were similar political dilemmas exist. There is nothing new or wrong in bringing in new faces and new ideas .
    NB;I am very sorry if my opinion hurts anyone. I am impartial and apolitical. So do not misconstrue me as taking any side with any political party. This is reality.
    BY NJABULO [my opinion ,no favour]


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