Tuku ‘back in business’ after a short rest


ZIMBABWE- Music icon Oliver Mtukudzi made a welcome return to ZimCafe Hotel and Conference Centre over the weekend where he proved to all and sundry that he was still going strong.

Mtukudzi, or simply Tuku, who of late has been suffering from exhaustion as a result of his diabetic condition, was on point when he performed with Sam Mataure and Enoch Piroro.

He made a grand appearance flanked by ZimCafe’s F&B guru Isaac Neshamba as well as a bevy of beauties from Zim Top Model, clad in red tops and matching leggings.

It was Tuku on acoustic, Mataure on drums and Piroro on bass guitar. Sam and Piroro are members of his Black Spirits Band.

The trio brought the mature crowd on its feet churning out hit after hit while the audience sang along. His first song was “Hero”, a laidback tune which tries to define what we call heroes.

A lot of music fans did not dance to the song since it is slow but worth listening to. He then increased the tempo and what a night it turned out to be.

This time he preferred to start the song “Hear Me Lord” on a different note and what a pleasant surprise it was to those in attendance.

And he continued to serenade music lovers with a number of hits until midnight when he suddenly belted a happy birthday song.

It was a dedication to Kudzi “Mr Kool” Marudza, who had turned 53 years. Mr Kool was the deejay on the night and since they are friends with Tuku, the “Meso Piriviri” hitmaker felt compelled to wish him a happy birthday.

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