Two man hit tailor on tribal language dispute

Two man hit tailor on tribal language dispute


ZIMBABWE – A Mbare tailor found himself losing his front tooth in a fight triggered by tribal discussions.

Owen Nyandoro, Alfred Chibaya and Simbarashe Virimu pleaded not guilty when they appeared before Mbare magistrate Bianca Makwande charged with assault.

The three will be back in court on December 15 for judgment.

It is alleged that on October 22 Nyandoro, Chibaya and Virimu went to George santé a tailor at Mbare Matapi to get their trousers sewn.

The three then made conversations about languages and how language differences were funny phenomena.

In the process of discussing language differences Chibaya, Nyandoro and Virimu started discussing about the Manyika language and how funny it was to them.

One of them is said to have discovered that santé was from the Manyika tribe and called him ‘wasula’

This did not go well with santé and triggered a misunderstanding which led to a fight.

Santé is said to have turned very violent and pushed Nyandoro to the floor, in trying to control Santé’s temper Virimu then tried to stop santé and the two wrestled.

As Virimu and santé were wrestling one of the accused is said to have grabbed a scissors and hit Santé’s front tooth off.

Santé then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Chibaya, Nyandoro and Virimu’s arrest.

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