Two ‘trafficked’ Ethiopians die in Zimbabwe taxi crash

Two ‘trafficked’ Ethiopians die in Zimbabwe taxi crash


ZIMBABWE – A group of 22 Ethiopians, allegedly being “trafficked” to South Africa, were involved in a serious vehicle accident in southern Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

Two Ethiopians died and 19 more were injured when their taxi crashed.

Zimbabwe police say they suspect the 22 Ethiopians were trafficked to South Africa.

Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said: “We are conducting investigations on the presence of foreigners in the country.”

So far police have not established how the Ethiopians entered Zimbabwe, but say they believe the “foreigners” were on their way to Bulawayo, where they would pick up a South African registered vehicle for the last stage of their journey across the border.

Police are investigating information that the Zimbabwe driver of the taxi was paid about R4000 to transport the Ethiopians south to Bulawayo.

Several of the injured Ethiopians are in a serious condition and are in hospital in Bulawayo. A Zimbabwean taxi crew member was also killed in the accident.

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