Masvingo court packed as Godfrey Kuraone attends hearing

Masvingo court packed as Godfrey Kuraone attends hearing

MASVINGO – Magistrate Patience Madondo got the shock of her life after she found the court fully packed with people in support of of MDC-A Ward 4 Clr Geodfrey Kurauone.

Magistrate Madondo ordered people to move out citing Covid-19 regulations and the police had to be deployed.

Godfrey Kuraone recieved support from unusual quarters

The police faced a hard time to disperse the crowd which maintained they had every right to attend and hear the proceedings.

Clr Kurauone is facing charges of undermining President Mnangagwa.

State requested postponement of the case to the 24th of September to allow their office to seek authority to prosecute from the PG’s office since the case has no witnesses.

However, Defence Advocate Mureri argued that it was not within the precincts of the law to continue requesting postponement of cases without evidence and witnesses.

Advocate Mureri even argued that the state had no authority to make or request postponment of the case since they are wrongfully before the court.

The Magistrate has reserved the ruling for application to be removed from remand to after 2 pm today. More to follow…

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