Use Constitution to stop Zanu PF madness – Biti

Use Constitution to stop Zanu PF madness – Biti


ZIMBABWE – The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Tendai Biti has urged Zimbabweans to use the country’s Constitution to stop Zanu PF’s madness and bad governance, which has resulted in the total collapse of the country’s economy.

President Biti made the call while addressing the Mashonaland East party structures at Murewa Centre on Sunday during the provincial assembly meeting.

“In 2016, let us not tolerate Zanu PF’s nonsense.  As the PDP, we do not believe in the use of violence and arms of war but let us use the country’s Constitution to say no to bad governance,” President Biti said.

“Next year, we are putting an end to this nonsense.  We will bring down the walls of Jericho. As Zimbabweans we should not admire and tolerate this Zanu PF madness.  Let us say no and use the people’s Constitution to free ourselves.  Let us say no to insanity,” he said.

He said Zimbabwe needed a new beginning as the old ideas of Zanu PF politicians cannot solve the current problems.

“Problems are not solved by the mindset that created them.  Zimbabwe used to be a breadbasket of Africa producing over four million tonnes of maize in the rural areas alone but now a communal farmer is now producing only 66kg per hectare as the Zanu PF government is not assisting the farmers and we end up importing maize from Zambia.

“Zimbabweans are working hard but are poor due to the corruption in government.  Robert Mugabe was recently in Tanzania witnessing the inauguration ceremony of that country’s fifth president, yet he is not even ashamed that such a succession process fails to take place in Zimbabwe.

“Despite clinging on to power for the past 35 years, Mugabe doesn’t have any single signature of progress.  The Harare-Nyamapanda highway remains in the same state as during the Smith regime when it was constructed.  There are no new power stations in Hwange or elsewhere that were constructed after independence and that is why we no longer have electricity,” President Biti said.

He said that is why the PDP had produced to policy documents, HOPE and ARREST that will shape how Zimbabwe gets out of its current economic, social and political crises.

“As PDP, we will also work with other political parties who believe in achieving a better life for all.  We will create a coalition of cheetahs.  As PDP, we were formed to bring change to the long suffering people of Zimbabwe,” President Biti who was accompanied by national members of the party said.

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