Valentines suicide: Man kills self in the name of love

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ZIMBABWE – WHILE Valentine’s Day is associated with romance and glitter, a dark cloud hung over one family when a man committed suicide – all in the name of love.

Edward Kabaya who is suspected to be in a bitter love wrangle with his wife decided to end his life by throwing himself through moving traffic resulting in his death.

The man was in the company of a relative who said had spent the better part of the morning trying to restrain Kabaya from ending his life.

Such was the gloom that Fourth Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue instantly became sorrowful sights.

The visibly shaken relative said Kabaya was a mental patient who was receiving medication on leave but some privy to the going-ons said the man was at loggerheads with his wife.

The driver of the passenger bus which ran over Kabaya said all happened in the flash of a second that he could do nothing to save the now deceased.

He said the man dived into the wheel while the kombi was in motion resulting in him being run over.

Police could not comment saying investigations were still going on.

“It is difficult to conclude that it was suicide or not since investigations are in their nascence,” said a policeman who attended the scene.

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