Venda University to launch alumni in Zimbabwe

Venda University to launch alumni in Zimbabwe


ZIMBABWE – The University of Venda will today launch the Univen-Zimbabwe Alumni chapter at a local hotel as part of its efforts to connect with many of its Zimbabwean graduates. Vice Chancellor and Principal of the university Professor Peter Mbati said the pride of any institution of higher learning was its alumni, who continue to do good work in the social and economic sectors across the world.

“While staff members come and go, alumni remain lifelong members of the university with whom long lasting relationships should be fostered and nurtured,” he said. Prof Mbati said the Zimbabwe chapter was intended to maintain and strengthen relationships between the institution and its alumni in the country.

In the past 20 years, many Zimbabweans individually enrolled with the University of Venda, while some were sponsored by the Government under the Presidential Scholarship Fund.“In the past 10 years, we admitted many students who are academically talented and from poor socio-economic backgrounds, funded through the Zimbabwean Presidential Scholarship Programme,” said Prof Mbati.

Prof Mbati said the University of Venda had been positioning itself to become one of the top five universities in South Africa by the year 2030, a vision in which alumni play a crucial role.

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