Vendors promise to vote for Tsvangirai – music to his ears. Nhamo inenharo!

Vendors promise to vote for Tsvangirai – music to his ears. Nhamo inenharo!


ZIMBABWE – Vendor association official assure Tsvangirai that vendors will vote for him in the next elections.

“Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic transformation secretary general Samuel Wadzanai Mangoma said there is no way they could back President Mugabe after failing to deliver on his election promises to deliver 2 million jobs,” reported the Daily News.

In a country with unemployment at a nauseating 90% plus and most of the unemployed are vendors, this must be music in Tsvangirai’s ears. But will the vendors want to hear that, given Tsvangirai’s track record, they will be vendors for many, many years to come!

Does this mean that comrade Wadzanai Mangoma actually believed Mugabe and voted for him in the 2013 elections? So after 33 years of incompetence, corruption, vote rigging and the brutal murder of over 30 000 Zimbabweans; Mangoma was naïve and dumb enough to still believe Mugabe’s lies and vote for the tyrant!

With a leader as naïve and dumb as Mangoma what social and economic transformation can the vendors and the nation expect someone like him to inspire?

Secretary General Samuel Wadzanai Mangoma is telling us the country’s vendors will back Tsvangirai for state president come the next elections. Mangoma is just being his usual naive and dumb self in backing Tsvangirai with his pathetic track record during the GNU just as he was naïve and dumb in backing Mugabe with his track record in 2013!

We are in this economic and political mess because Tsvangirai failed to implement the democratic reforms everyone agreed were absolutely necessary to stop Mugabe rigging elections. MDC had five years to implement the reforms and yet failed to get even one reform implemented. Tsvangirai sold-out during the GNU so why would vendors or anyone wants him as president!

It is now over two years since the rigged elections, more than enough time for the truth and reality of the sell-out Tsvangirai to sink in. So the only reason why Mangoma would still want Tsvangirai president is for his own selfish reason – he has his own reputation of being naive and dumb to keep!

As the Shona would say “Nhamo inenharo!” (Poverty is impossible to shake off!) So Mangoma will keep his naïve and dumb reputation at the cost of swelling the vendor numbers because with the corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai the economic recovery will be long in coming, if at all!

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