Why Papa’s goblins only speak English

Why Papa’s goblins only speak English


ZIMBABWE – I marvelled when Magaya went down South and alas all the demons there where either speaking in Shona or English, no Venda, no Xhosa no Swazi nothing, only the languages the prophet is comfortable with and can speak.

When I penned my last article (Debunking Magaya’s 600 000 Myth) I was being all technical and mathematical, delving into figures and trying to fit over half a million people into a space less than 1 square kilometre. Gene Epstein an American Economics editor once said If you torture numbers long enough, they’ll confess to almost anything indeed the over 600 000 figure had confessed to fitting into Magaya’s complex, needless to say Magaya failed, managing instead, to shrink whoever attended that gathering to the size of a 2 litre bottle of coke.

However, this time round I am going spiritual and dare to ask all and sundry whether a demon MANIFESTING in or on a Shona or Ndebele person, in fact on an African will do so or speak in English?

The word MANIFEST has become so popular in religious circles in Zimbabwe, borrowed from American preachers and pushed to dizzy heights (the word that is) by the Papas and Prophets of nowadays who have infested Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. If the truth be told, Africa is now full of manifesting demons at every turn and if you were to close your eyes in the middle of Kariba Dam and throw a stone, chances are you would hit a person in a trance under a manifesting demon and all thanks to our dear Prophets.

In short what these overzealous Papas/Pastors/Prophets/Prophetesses (PPPP hereafter) are trying to mean by Manifesting is that a demon that had found a home in someone is now revealing and showing itself by either talking and acting in distress, allegedly from the powers of the PPPPs, such that the person possessed by the said demon can scream, talk while revealing who is behind the affliction and what this demon wants from this unfortunate person, causing them to roll, jump wildly or even run, prompting the clean and un-afflicted Ushers to spring into action and restrain this demon-possessed person.

Today I will only concentrate on what happens when a demon-possessed person speaks and this person is either Ndebele or Shona as the main languages in Zimbabwe, but not confined or limited to those 2 languages only. By this I mean if you are Yoruba, Chinese, Sotho, Polish or any other language speaker besides English, ask yourself the same question, does a demon manifesting in a person who is not English do so and speak in English?

Before I divulge the answer to you all let me start by explaining the major causes of real (will explain real later) demons that end up speaking in possessed people here in Zimbabwe or most of Africa for that matter.

Us as Africans are troubled in the majority by the following:

(1) Avenging spirits (ngozi) sent by relatives of a murdered person against the family of the perpetrator, as a way of getting compensation or revenge.

(2) Spirits of goblins (Zvikwambo), whereby a family member seeks to enrich themselves using magical or mystical powers. In exchange the family member offers the goblin sacrifices at the expense of the rest of the unsuspecting family members. So the chikwambo can torment the family in whatever way it wishes, causing sickness, marriage breakdowns, unexplained deaths, and the list is endless.

(3) Witchcraft (huroyi) is the most common of these afflictions, the fly-by-night type, the knock on grave type, where an ageing witch will want to pass his or her art to their children or nieces and nephews.

(4) Zvidhoma, a form of witchcraft where one possesses very short people-like zombies used to attack perceived enemies and those one hates. A jealous neighbour can send these zvidhomas to mete instant justice on your family for eating good food while the owner suffers, (yes, that’s Africa for you).

(5) Ancestral spirits and acquired spirits (midzimu nemashave), this is the invoking of the spirits of the dead in one way or another for the purposes of obtaining help and protection against the ills of this world. Now these spirits will want a home in the form of a person who will do its bidding. Mashave can be a borrowed spirit used by people to become good hunters, fighters or even good farmers or thieves, and when the person dies an heir will need to be found.

So basically the causes of demons inflicting people in most Africans or Zimbabweans is a combination of the above 5 or all. Though the list is not exhaustive, it represents the majority of cases that would cause demons to possess an African.

Therefore, when a demon manifests (I hate this word) and speaks, it is normal to speak in the voice of the person causing the problem on the possessed person, if it is a goblin (chikwambo) tormenting a daughter, then it will likely speak through the daughter and state its mission and what it does to this poor girl and it will only speak in the language of the one who sent it, never in English.

Because of the causes of these demons in Zimbabweans, when they eventually speak, these demons will only speak in either Ndebele, Shona, Kalanga or any such local language and in some cases you can actually identify the person causing the problem by the voice because the demon will speak exactly the same way the father of this particular girl speaks.

Some of you out there will rush to say that demons are spirits and are therefore multi-lingual, they can speak any language they choose. In that case the biggest question will be why do these demons never manifest and speak in Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Kiswahili or any other language besides English?

I have seen many videos on YouTube where Africans and Zimbabweans in particular are being exorcised of demons and the said demons are speaking in English and they talk of being Illuminati, Satan and Lucifer and all those heavy satanic figures, I laugh and end up feeling sorry for these amateurish actors and their PPPPs handlers.

To say that Satan can speak in his voice and be tormented by the current crop of prophets gracing Africa now is the joke of the century, they are more likely to work for him than to torment him. The truth is that 99% of Africans possessed by demons are hardly in the class of being called Satanists, it’s just the ordinary witchcraft and it is confined to the actions of those family members in their clan, lineage and blood relatives.

Satanism and the Illuminati stuff is a totally different ball game and if a single member of these evil groups would visit one of these PPPP, we would all witness total disaster in these churches and they would never ever want to pretend to be exorcising demons again. I have seen very violent goblin spirits manifest causing serious damage to property and untold injuries to many people, and to think and believe that all those PPPPs gracing the continent are actually dealing with the real think is a laugh.

Why English?

Why then do these so called demons speak (or are made to speak) in English, I hear you ask? This is just a marketing strategy by these so called Men of God, if the demon where to speak in say Shona then the whole world won’t know what the hell is going on and what the problem is. People in Botswana, Niger, Ghana, England and all over the world must get to hear this, and honestly how many countries understand the Yoruba, or Shona languages?

When the world hears these problems they can identify with their own and come rushing to the prophet for deliverance. That’s where the catch is, as many people as possible must get to hear and understand what is going on. So is the demon speaking in English for the convenience of the world or is it the prophet who has instructed the possessed person to speak in English so all nations can understand?

So in all honesty these are not true or genuine demons manifesting but actors who have been told what to do and what to say. There you have it, a demon manifesting on a Zulu person will not speak in English, it will speak in Zulu and the prophet, if he is in spirit will understand any language the demon speaks.

So if Magaya goes to South Africa, demons speaking in Xhosa or Zulu, he should understand them and speak back in the same language and not English and not through an interpreter. I marvelled when Magaya went down South and alas all the demons there where either speaking in Shona or English, no Venda, no Xhosa no Swazi nothing, only the languages the prophet is comfortable with and can speak.

If you watch closely most of those videos where the exorcisms take place, with lots of people going into a trance and demons allegedly manifesting, the prophets try very hard to avoid what you can clearly see as people possessed by real demons and instead go after the fake English speaking ones.

So all the drama you are watching on all those TV channels, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV, YADAH TV, LoveWorld TV and numerous other African Gospel TV channels is just that, pure acting which can put the Gringos, Paraffins and Mukadotas of this world to shame. Gospel TV stations, contrary to most people’s perceptions, are not there to spread the word of God but a marketing strategy, and because it is marketing, the whole world must hear and understand what is being sold hence the English language, in everything including confessions and testimonies.

Most people are not the least aware that Satanist and the Illuminati are not organisations you can join and then ditch at will by simply taking a stroll to your local PPPP and live to tell the story. Most members of these entities have died from simply entertaining the thought of trying to jump ship and spilling the beans.

But surprise, surprise these PPPP can make the people sent by these organisations scream and roll in pain from holy fire, deliver them, let them go home and then come back the following week for a strong testimony, all this while Lucifer watches from a safe distance in fear of the anointed one. From what I see the PPPPs are your ordinary YouTube researchers, all their information about these organisations is from watching YouTube and creating their movies from that researched information.

Most people are also ignorant of the fact that a powerful demon has the capacity to make a weaker one manifest and that most fake prophets are actually demon possessed themselves but have the capacity to identify which demon can embarrass them before the congregation, so they make sure to avoid them and go after their planted actors within the crowds.

When Christ healed people he never did it for the masses to see and made it a point to remind the healed person not to mention it to anyone or rather not to give a testimony but to go in peace, confess and worship GOD. Likewise, Peter and Paul followed in His footsteps, healed and preached and refused to accept any credit from anyone preferring to be humble about it.

Contrast that with our PPPP nowadays who are willing to parade everyone from those cured of eating candles, belly fat to some very intimate and embarrassing illnesses and problems and all the glory heaped on their person.

So it is not true or rather it is fake to see a prophet claim to make Lucifer manifest through a poor girl speaking in broken English, (and the possessed person even turns to speak into the microphone) held back or being restrained by hungry uninterested ushers, or a scene of a man claiming to have been sent by Illuminati to destroy the Ministry and the man of god.

It is also not true that thousands of Africans are members of these occults and that they are flooding the ministries seeking help and deliverance. The biggest mistake made by most of these Papas/Prophets/pastors/Prophetesses and all these alleged men of god is that they all think that Satanism is the worship of Satan and that alleged Satanists are his messengers. Nothing is further from the truth; Satanism has got nothing with Satan and his kingdom and what he does.

Most of the pastors doing business in Africa are not worthy of Satan’s attention at all because they are neither sent by or doing God’s work, with the fornication and sex orgies that they engage in, involvement in wizardry, rituals and dishonesty, common theft, love of money and chicanery, there is no need for Satan to be worried about losing souls.

And there certainly is no need for the illuminati to lose sleep over people who are not a threat to any single part of their business and if there was any need for the organisation to worry it would not be because T B Joshua, Magaya, Makandiwa, Bushuri, Eubert or Lesego are busy making fake demons manifest.

To dream of fighting Lucifer, illuminati or Satan and his clan is just wishful thinking by horror movie watching people claiming to be prophets, out to hoodwink a gullible people who are deeply immersed in abject poverty and most common social ills and are willing to accept and believe anything in the hope of getting relief from their troubles.

In short and with the utmost authority I will conclude by saying, an African will not have a demon manifest and speak in English, it will simply speak in the language of the person possessed or in the language of the person causing the problems of the possessed person, and this is always and normally a blood relative of the possessed person and nothing else, nothing to do with Satanism or illuminati.

There goes another myth and I await the insults to start flying in, with yours truly being called a Satanist and a violator of the Touch-not the anointed code of conduct. But I am sure it never crossed your mind that the myth of the English speaking manifesting demons on African people was actually an elaborate act by not-so-clever con-artists, masquerading as Prophets who never thought of that particular loophole themselves.

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