Wife demands maintenace from husband for her and children

Wife demands maintenace from husband for her and children


ZIMBABWE – A builder dodged the maintenance wave of two children by claiming to have two other wives and five children surviving on a peanut income.

Mary Chisveto appeared in the Harare civil court claiming maintenance from Gilbert Kavhu for the upkeep of their two children.

She said in court:

“I am requesting US$600 maintenance for the welfare of my two children.

“Gilbert is a contract builder who earns US$3000 per month and has two cars, so he should be in a position of up keeping our children.”

In response, Gilbert said:

“I can only offer Mary US$40 maintenance for the two children.

“She is exaggerating my income because I am just a builder who assists other builders and averagely get US$250 earnings per month.

“Besides, I have two other wives and five children, of which the other child got married and separated with her husband.

“Now I am looking after her and my grandchild as well.

“The two cars that she says I have no longer function.

“Unfortunately, she has been expecting too much from me which I cannot afford.”

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Gilbert to pay US$85 maintenance with effect from January 31.

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