Wife demands maintenance for her child’s upkeep

Wife demands maintenance for her child’s upkeep


ZIMBABWE – An omnibus driver yesterday found himself at the civil court where his former wife was demanding US$150 maintenance money for the upkeep of their minor child.

Farai Masaraure was dragged to court by Brenda Bonde who told the court that he was an irresponsible father.

“Farai is very irresponsible; I don’t remember the day he bought even a sweet for our child, he is an alcoholic and is always spending his money on booze.

“He earns close to US$800 per month but he cannot afford to spare a dollar for his own child.

“Our child is supposed to attend school, he is aware of it because we discussed about it. I am pleading to this honourable court to help me beg him to be responsible,” she said.

In response, Farai said:

“I am not an irresponsible father as she is claiming because I give her all the money she asks for.

“I cannot, however afford the money she is demanding because that is the exact amount I get every month.”

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Farai to pay US$65 to Brenda starting January 30.

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