Wife dragged husband to court for abusing her in front of children

Wife dragged husband to court for abusing her in front of children


ZIMBABWE – A Dzivarasekwa man has been dragged to the civil court by his wife after she has suffered abuse in their matrimonial home.

Chipo Bonga said she is tired of emotional and physical abuse that is being inflicted on her by her husband Luscious Chenjerai.

“I am living in fear because of Luscious your honor, he is very abusive and he says the most hurtful words to me in front of our children.

“He beats me up for no reason and has gone as far as coming to my work place where he embarrasses me in front of my workmates, I don’t want him visiting my workplace because my job is on the line now,” she said.

Luscious however denied the allegation citing that he never laid a finger on his wife but in fact, Chipo was always flirting with a co-worker.

“Chipo is lying before the courts your honor because I have never insulted or assaulted her ever since we got married.

“I only found out recently that she is becoming too friendly with one of her male colleagues to the extent of sending her songs which contains explicit message.

“This did not go down well with me so I confronted the guy, while we sorting out the issue he said hurtful things to me about his relationship with my wife so I ended up beating him.

“The court should not grant my wife with the protection order because she has presented the courts with false accusation, I cannot be barred from going to her workplace because it is always were I do my business,” he said.

Chipo however did not agree with Luscious because she insisted he was abusive and needed the protection order.

“If the court does not grant the protection order I fear my life will be in danger, he has gone to the extent of throwing me out of our matrimonial home, I am now staying at my parent’s house,” she said.

The magistrate presiding over the case Ruth Kamangira granted the peace order in favour of ChipoBonga and Luscious was ordered not to abuse Chipo in whatever way, not to visit her workplace and not to bar her from staying at their matrimonial home.

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