Wife taken to court by husband for threatening him to chase out of house

Wife taken to court by husband for threatening him to chase out of house


ZIMBABWE – A City man took his wife to the civil court yesterday seeking a protection order stating that she threatens him and chases him out of their matrimonial home.

Misheck Nehumambo told the court that he could no longer relate peacefully with his abusive wife Precious Mushati.

“My wife and I are always at each other’s throats because of her behaviour; she insults and assaults me in front of our neighbours.

“She wants to evict me from our house and takes away my properties which include cell phones and money.

“When I ask her not to treat me that way she begin shouting and insulting me, calling my mother a witch.

“I pray that the court grant me the protection order because my wife is becoming more violent each and every day,” he said.

In response Precious said:

“He is lying to the court because he is the one who is abusive and I already took a protection order against him.

“I did not evict him from our house but he is the one who moved out to cohabit with his girlfriend who lives in the same area with us.”

Precious also added that:

“I am the one who took him in when he had an accident sometime last year, but soon after he recovered he went back to stay with his girlfriend.”

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa who presided over the matter granted the protection order in Misheck’s favour.

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