Wife wants husband not to visit her workplace

Wife wants husband not to visit her workplace


ZIMBABWE – A man denied that the court bar him from visiting his wife’s workplace arguing that he had the right to visit her since she is married to him.

Morris told the Harare civil court that stopping him from visiting Emma work place would create problems for him and he was against the idea.

Emma had sought for a protection order that was to stop Morris from coming to her work place.

“I would have problems if the court does not allow me to visit her work place. She is married to me and I can visit her anytime since she is my wife.

“When I visited her workplace I wanted to question her why she was not wearing her wedding ring.

“We had an altercation and we went to her aunt in Murewa who resolved the issue and she agreed that she was to return home and we stay as husband and wife.

“When we came back to Harare she refused and asked me to propose her again so that we can live as husband and wife.

“I visit her since I’m the one staying with the children and they still need the mother,” he said.

In response, Emma accused Morris for abusing her since from the time they got married.

“For the twelve years I have been married to him I have never lived in peace, he would always assault me.

“I want him to be barred from visiting me; each time we meet he beats me.

“I agreed with his mother that she looks after our children until school holidays and I will transfer them next term,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Ruth Kamangira presided over the matter; she granted the protection order to Emma and barred Morris from visiting her work place

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