Winky D’s hit song Disappear is not only a hit locally

Winky D’s hit song Disappear is not only a hit locally


ZIMBABWE – The song has made it on to BBC 1Xtra’s play list where it IS playing among other big tunes from the African continent and the rest of the world.

The song has also made it onto BBC 1Xtra’s top deejay-Edu’s top five African tunes of the moment.

The song is currently ranking number five whilst others like Nigeria’s Wizkid’s Final (Baba Nla), African woman by top South Africa wheel-spinner DJ Shimza, Hol it by Shata Wale and Kaladoshas’s Nipaseko Chance complete the top five tunes.

However this is not the first time Winky D has made it on to BBC 1Xtra playlist.

His previous hits Takaipa Takaipa and Musarova Bigman have also made it on to the playlist.

In an interview with H-Metro, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said:

“We are happy of course and it only goes to show that if you don’t lose focus progress will always find you.

“Don’t listen to the negativity they say just focus and set your eyes on the prize, results will come.

“The vision will come as you walk you mission.”

Disappear of the Gafa Kickstape has become a house and club banger and has even seen some churches remix the song to a gospel song,

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