Wintnesses arrested after identified by victims as part of crime

Wintnesses arrested after identified by victims as part of crime


ZIMBABWE Two witnesses were arrested in court at Mbare magistrates yesterday after victims had identified them as part of the crime committers.

Tichaona Gova and Obey Dandara were arrested after they had attended court as witnesses to a robbery case.

The complainant proceeded to make a police report after she had identified Gova as one of the people who robbed her sometime last year.

The state led by Tafara Chirambira was approached by the complainant after identifying Gova to confirm if he had came as a complainant or an accused person.

The State went on to explain that Gova had came to testify that his car had been taken from him by the accused who had appeared in court for robbery.

The complaint came back again lodging a complaint with the police that Dandara who had came to court as a witness as well was Gova’s accomplice.

On the case Dandara and Gova are suspected to have connived to commit, Gova’s car is alleged to have been used to rob people.

It is alleged that although the two did not use any weapons they robbed four people who lodged a complaint with the police.

The police made further investigations and caught Clinton Badza, 18, and Fortune Mupazvibwa, 27.

Badza and Mupazvibwa had pleaded not guilty before Mbare magistrate Anita Tshuma charged with robbery.

Gova had thus been called to testify for the State, he unfortunately met his fate after attending court.

Gova and Dandara will appear in court after further investigations have been made on the case.

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