With close to three decades broadcasting now of broadcasting to his name Kelvin “Soul Supreme” Sifelani still goes on

With close to three decades broadcasting now  of broadcasting to his name Kelvin “Soul Supreme” Sifelani still goes on


ZIMBABWE – The legendary broadcaster who started broadcasting in his mid 20’s and now based in the UK still makes time to come home annually to thrill his legion of soul music listeners still has the game on his tip of his fingers.

Today when in the queen’s land he broadcasts on musicavenue.com an online radio station

Those who tuned into his Soul Conventions Sunday sessions every Sunday afternon in the last month on top radio stataion Star FM can testify.

Kelvin has been doing the sessions for the last three years now whenever he comes home to visit and they have been getting good feedback and growing bigger.

H-Metro’s Nyasha Kada caught up with the refreshing presenter who seems not to lose his touch. Read on…

Your take on radio in Zim and UK now and back then?

Radio has become more and more similar in terms of standard and product.

Radio industry is still learning to be self sustaining and learning how to make money.

Progress is being made and broadcaster are beginning to understand the market place and the market place is also beginning  t understand the broadcaster.

As long as developents continue there will be self sustainability for radio stations.

Your weakness for soul music?

I like soul music because it communicates the positive aspect of human relationship, it brings love, relationships and hw people should interact with other.

Soul music in Zimbabwe?

It has to do with the question of marketing .

We need to give Zim soul music more profile so that the word is out there. People also need to get away from the culture of thinking Zim soul music is sub standard.

There is a wealth of talent, lyricists in this country and we have seen it in other genres. There is creativity and depth and we have the capacity to do what we want to do.

Your long time greats.

Soul to Soul, Toni Braxton, Kenny Lattimore and Donnel Jones and locally one can not miss out the late Fortune Muparutsa.

However the likes of Sanii Makhalima and Jonathan represent the genre well.

How were your gigs during the holidays?

I enjoyed playing the ghetto perhaps because my supporters have been from the ghetto. The love i got at kwaFarai (Glen Norah B) was awesome.

I also enjoyed playing at Newscafe (Fife Avenue)  at my farewell party, i want to thank everyone that came for the support.

Your secret to keeping relevant?

It’s not a secret really but i am driven to interact with people who ever they are wherever they are.

I am also always willing to learn, there is no perfection in broadcasting, i always strive to do better all the time.

Star FM?

I like the direction and travel of Star FM, it’s getting better and better in short space of time.

They have also achieved a lot in a short time which is good, it shows there is a lot of hard work being put in.

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