Women accused of locking the toilet for relatives

Women accused of locking the toilet for relatives


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman has been accused of locking the toilet for her relatives after they failed to buy toilet detergents and tissue paper.

This came to light at the Harare civil court where Trevor Utsiwegota was seeking for a protection order against his aunt Angela Utsiwegota.

Trevor complained before the court that his aunt was harassing him and the whole family in the name of revenge.

“Angela is my paternal aunt who harasses us all the time since we stay together.

“She hurls insults at us, even late night Angela comes to our bedrooms to harass us.

“When I want to go to the toilet it is a problem always because she locks it for me.

“She does this claiming that I should buy toilet tissues and do duties to clean the toilet.

“Angela is also in the habit of locking the gate for me whenever I come home late from work.

“She says all her acts are meant to revenge that our parents had money and they shared it with some neighbours whilst neglecting her.

“Apparently, she has been harassing me that my wife bit her ear when they were having a fight.

“Since we can no longer live in a peaceful environment together, I am therefore seeking for a protection order for peace’s sake,” said Trevor.

In response, Angela said:

“I dispute what Trevor is accusing me of.

“Trevor left the house we stayed together in 2012 after his wife bit my ear when we were having an argument.

“He now stays in Gwanda and Murewa where he works and we have only stayed together this month.

“The reason why I lock the toilet for him is because he does not want to buy toilet detergents and tissues.

“I also lock the gate late night because Trevor and his siblings including my child are thieves who want to keep stolen goods in my house.

“Recently, his brother was being hunted day and night by the police on theft allegations whilst he was hiding and defecating in the ceiling.

“After all, Trevor was caught by his wife with a girlfriend and falsely accused me that I was the snitch.”

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi, who presided over the matter, deferred the matter to January 27.

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