Women appeared in court complaining her husband not fulfilling rights when she desires

Women appeared in court complaining her husband not fulfilling rights when she desires


ZIMBABWE – A woman complained before the court that her husband no longer showed her affection and he forcefully claims his conjugal rights at his own time.

Rushinga Maramba was seeking protection order against her husband Jonathan Katsimbe at the Harare civil court accusing him of being abusive.

Pleading for assistance before the court, Rushinga said: “Jonathan is my husband but he no longer recognises me as his wife.

“He never shows love or concern to me.

“I do not know when last we were intimate as husband and wife because he only forces me to have sex with him at his own time.”

She added: “Jonathan assaults, insults and harasses me instead of appreciating me as a supporting wife.

“Each time we try to discuss something as a couple, he ends up speaking to me in a harsh manner threatening to beat me.

“We have been married for 30 years but for 22 years he has not been working and I was the one looking after him in the house I built.

“Nonetheless, he has been ever violent to me such that at times I end up apologising for peace’s sake.

“There is a point in time a psychiatrist advised us to be peaceful towards each other because his violence was disturbing my mental stability.

“I am therefore pleading for a protection order; maybe I can feel safe if he is around me.”

In response, Jonathan said:

“All I can say is that Alice’s accusations are just lies.

“The problem is that, I discovered that she had a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) which I did not have.

“More so, she was not on medication and that is why I lost all the respect for her.

“Otherwise, I never assaulted or insulted her as she is saying.”

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi, who presided over the matter, deferred ruling to January 29.

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