Women arrested for pouring hot porridge over her neighbour

Women arrested for pouring hot porridge over her neighbour


ZIMBABWE – A Chitungwiza woman was arrested for pouring her neighbour hot porridge whom she was suspecting of having an adulterous affair with her husband.

Moline Moyo pleaded guilty to assault charges for scotching her neighbour Catherine Kuripiga with hot porridge.

She said she acted that way because she was aware that her husband was having an affair with Moline.

“I over reacted, I should not have acted that way, I was angered with the fact that she is dating my husband and she came to my house to confront me about it,” said Moline.

Chitungwiza magistrate Tafadzwa Miti will pronounce judgement of the matter today.

The State led by Edmund Ndambakuwa proved that on November 20 at around 1pm, Catherine Kuripinga went to Moline’s place of residence to inquire from her why she was spreading rumours that she was dating her husband.

When she asked her, the court heard that Moline did not reply the question but went on to take hot porridge which was on the stove and scotched Catherine with it.

Catherine then went to the police and lodged a complaint against Moline.

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