Women attempted suicide and left a note

Women attempted suicide and left a note


ZIMBABWE – In a case of suicide a Harare woman reportedly downed a poisonous substance at Granville Cemetery (Kumbudzi) at a grave believed to be her daughter’s.

The woman, whose identity could not be established, left a suicide note which those who read it said it was due to family squabbles.

She stated in the note that her husband and children have ganged up on her after issues involving prophets. She said they had consulted prophets at their church who said she wanted to kill her husband.

She confirmed in the letter that she was taking her life and alerted her relatives that it was due to the family fights.

“Zvisakunetsei hama dzangu ini ndazviuraya pamusana pemurume wangu nevana vangu…

“Vose hapana wandichawirirana naye, ngavasare vagarike havo,” read parts of the letter sent to H-Metro.

“Vakati vakaenda kumaporofita ekuchurch kwavo vakaudzwa kuti ndirikuda kuuraya daddy,” read another part on the letter.

The woman was discovered by people who burying their relative at the cemetery while writhing in pain before she passed on.

“Awonekwa nevanhu vanga vachiviga munhu achiumburuka, ndopaabva afa, bottle repoison riripo netsamba yaanyora,” said the source.

Sources said a bottle of a poisonous substance was found near the woman’s body.

Scores of people including mourners and gravediggers gathered to have a glimpse of the woman. The police were called at the scene to monitor the situation while waiting for CID Homicide detectives.

Sources said some people had gone to alert the woman’s relatives over the incident.

“Someone has gone to alert her relatives,” said a source.

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