Women demanded maintenance form husband in court

Women demanded maintenance form husband in court


ZIMBABWE – A Highfield woman yesterday appeared in court seeking US$400 maintenance from his alcoholic husband.

Florence Chaya dragged Albert Mtema at Harare civil court claiming US$400 per month for the upkeep of their four children.

Florence told the court that Albert has neglected his duties as a father and enjoys spending quality time drinking alcohol with girlfriends.

“I need US$400 for the up keep of the children because he squanders money with girlfriends.

“He spends most of his salary drinking alcohol and smoking dangerous drugs.

“He is a tree cutter at a timber company earning more than US$600 per month.

“I once caught him cashing out US$100 which he lied was for his mother who had been hospitalized and later to find out that it was for his girlfriend.

“The children did not attend school since last year third term because I could not afford to pay their school fees.

Florence added that her husband is also a violent man.

“He assaults me each time I confront him about the money and wellbeing of the children,” she said.

Albert who offered US$20 for his children disputed all the allegations saying:

“My wife is lying I do peace jobs and earns less than US$200 per month.

“My relatives in UK are the ones who helps me taking care of the children,” he said.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza who presided over the matter ordered Albert to pay US$150 per month.

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