Women dragged her nieghbour to court for insulting her

Women dragged her nieghbour to court for insulting her


ZIMBABWE – An Epworth woman drags her neighbour to court for bragging about her expensive lotions to her accusing her for mocking and insulting her.

Runyararo Muzenga hauled her neighbour Tabeth Katuru to the Harare civil court, seeking for a peace order against her for insulting and harassing her.

Runyararo further complained how Tabeth brags to her with material things that she does not afford.

“My neighbour Tabeth takes advantage of me because I am a peaceful person.

“She insults me that I am barren and accuses me of witchcraft.

“Tabeth brags to me that she uses some lotions from South Africa, mocking me that I do not afford such lotions, meat or bread to spoil myself.

“Tabeth destroyed my marriage, later on I got into another relationship and she caused our break up again with malicious lies.

“After all, she accuses me of stealing her chickens.

“I am fed up of her harassments and insults, so I am seeking for a peace order against Tabeth,” said Runyararo.

In response, Tabeth said:

“I dispute everything that Runyararo is saying.

“She never reported what she is saying even to the police.

“I am even surprised with the insults that she is accusing me of.”

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, who presided over the matter, granted the protection order in Runyararo’s favour.

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