Women dumped her baby at mother in law’s place

Women dumped her baby at mother in law’s place


ZIMBABWE – A woman reportedly dumped her one-year-old baby at her mother-in-law’s place following her separation from the husband.

Faith Ganda allegedly dumped the baby at Pollian Maunganirwa’s house at midnight when she was asleep.

Maunganirwa who was seeking a protection order against Ganda told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ruth Kamangira that she came to her house vandalizing her property before dumping the baby.

Ganda is married to Maunganirwa’s son but the two are on separation.

“She came and dumped her baby at my house during the night while I was asleep and when I asked her why she did that she insulted me using vulgar words,” Maunganirwa said.

“I reported the matter to the police and she was charged with dumping a minor child. She later came to my house and assaulted me damaging my property.

“She does not respect me as her mother-in-law and during her stay at my house she used to be involved in different fights with several people who she would have borrowed money from,” she added.

Maunganirwa further told the court that Ganda’s husband ran away from her because she abused him acting like she was possessed by some spirit.

Before Ganda could respond, magistrate Kamangira told Maunganirwa that she has made a wrong application since the two were not living at the same house.

She told her to make an application for peace order should she wish to pursue her case before

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