Women exposed her love affair with traditional healer

Women exposed her love affair with traditional healer


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman has sensationally exposed her eight-year romance with a traditional healer resulting in a love child.

What started as a healer-client relationship between Josephine Tavengwa and Wellington Mhasvi, the traditional healer, turned into a love relationship that saw the former’s marriage crumbling.

Josephine dug deeper into amorous activities with Mhasvi for eight years of sexcapades when she dragged Mhasvi to the maintenance court yesterday.

“He was my traditional healer for eight years, and assisted me to solve the problems I had in my life.

“As time moved on, I began to find solace in him and there was chemistry between us.

“We fell in love and began to have sex several times at his house,” said Josephine before Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza.

She said she met Mhasvi when she briefly separated with her husband as the two’s relationship developed into love.

“I separated with my husband whom I have two children with and then I met Mhasvi.

“However, we never got married because I knew he had his own children and some who are already married.

“Now he is denying paternity after we enjoyed the sentimental moments together.”

Josephine said she used to be a cross boarder trader but had stopped because she was nursing the six-month-old baby she sired with Mhasvi

She said Mhasvi was denying paternity of the fruit of his loins.

Josephine was claiming US$150 maintenance for the welfare of the child.

“I want US$150 for the upkeep of my baby with Mhasvi.”

Mhasvi could, however, not take any of that sensationally claiming that their relationship had been a healer-client one and never went as far as sex.

“We never had sex and I just know her as my client.

“I do not have a child with her.

“Josephine is just accusing me with lies,” Mhasvi said.

Mhasvi said he had 11 children with different women and some of the children were married.

“I have 11 children with three different wives and some of them are married.

“As we speak my grandchildren are the ones taking care of me.

“So I cannot just give her a maintenance offer.”

Despite his spirited efforts to deny paternity, magistrate Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Mhasvi to pay US$80 maintenance effective January 31.

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