Women found second wife of his husband and assauted her appeared in the court

Women found second wife of his husband and assauted her appeared in the court


I WENT to my in-laws’ place of residence looking for my husband after he had spent a week not coming home, when l met his second pregnant wife, said a woman from Epworth.

Reprisal Chihoko, 19, revealed how she found out that her husband had another wife at Mbare magistrates’ court yesterday where she appeared before magistrate Reward Kwenda.

She was answering to assault charges.

She is said to had assaulted the woman Pamela Choto.

Reprisal pleaded guilty to the charges and was remanded to today for sentencing.

When magistrate Kwenda asked Reprisal why she had committed the offence she told the court that she was angry and could not accept being laughed at by another woman.

Allegations are that on December 5 Reprisal decided to go to her in-laws’ house in Mbare to look for her husband who had spent a week away from home.

When she got the she found him and she asked him why he had forsaken her.

This sparked an argument between the two who were standing at the gate.

The husband’s second wife is said to came outside and saw the two bickering.

She laughed loudly and clapped her hands looking at them and this did not go down well with Reprisal and she struck Pamela with a stone on the foot accusing her of laughing at her misery and snatching away her husband.

Pamela sustained injuries and she lodged a complaint with the police leading to Reprisal’s arrest.

Gerald Date appeared for the State.

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