Women free her husband from paying maintenance

Women free her husband from paying maintenance


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man who took his former wife to the Civil Court seeking a discharge in spousal maintenance has been accused of taking care of his girlfriend’s children while neglecting his own.

Tarangifa Mawuto told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa on Monday that he could no longer maintain his ex-wife, Rumbidzai Chiona, after she reportedly booted him out of their matrimonial home.

Mawuto was paying $120 per month as spousal maintenance to Chiona.

However, Chiona in contesting the discharge, told the court that Mawuto was seeking the discharge so he could take care of his girlfriend’s three children.

“I dispute his application for discharge of spousal maintenance because he is taking care of his girlfriend’s three children,” Chiona said.

“He was assaulting me and abusing me before he was booted out of the house by our landlord.

“I did not chase him away. The money he is paying is also helping in taking care of our two children since I did not apply for their maintenance,” she said.

Mawuto had told the court the money he earned was not enough since he was now paying rent at his new house and also taking care of his elderly parents.

He also said Chiona was a nurse aide who could afford to take care of herself.

“I cannot continue to pay the $120 spousal maintenance because the money I earn is no longer enough since we are staying separately,” Mawuto said.

“She chased me out of the house and I am now renting.

“My expenses have increased and I can no longer take care of her, therefore I am applying for a discharge in spousal maintenance,” he added.

Mrs Gofa reduced the money to $70.

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