Women in court for accusing neighbour’s son by using juju

Women in court for accusing neighbour’s son by using juju


ZIMBABWE – A Mbare woman has been dragged to court for accusing her neighbour of using juju on her son.

Netsai Chipuriro claims that the prophet she confided in confirmed that Rachel Chifamba, 63,  is a witch after she went to seek spiritual explanations on her child’s sickness.

Netsai Chipuriro pleaded guilty when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove charged with indicating witches and wizards.

Chipuriro will be back in court on February 25 for her sentence.

Chipuriro told the court that her child had been sick for a long time and when she could not get any medical explanation to the sickness she approached a prophet.

Chipuriro also went on to say the prophet identified Chifamba as the root of her son’s sickness.

Chipuriro then went and confronted Chifamba and told her to spare her son’s life.

After Chifamba failed to understand what Chipuriro was talking about, Chipuriro explained that a prophet from a nearby shrine had told her that she was the cause of her son’s deteriorating health.

Chifamba then asked Chipuriro to take her to the prophet who she had gone to see.

When the two arrived at the shrine the prophet had fled.

“I went to see the prophet who had identified me as a witch so that he would deliver me from the evil spirit of witchcraft but he was nowhere to be found”, said Chipuriro.

Chipuriro then lodged a complaint with the police after Chifamba kept accusing her of being a witch despite their fruitless efforts to visit the prophet together leading to Chifamba’s arrest.

Yvonne Gurira appeared for the State.

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