Women in jail misses her husband but doubt other side


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ZIMBABWE – A Mazvihwa woman who is serving a seven-year jail term at Kadoma Prison misses her husband but is worried that he might be cheating on her.

Lorraine Tizora, 25, was convicted of attempted murder after she attacked her husband’s married girlfriend with an axe.

She said her husband’s love for women has landed her in hot soup and is now giving her sleepless nights since she is worried the he might be having sex with other women.

Lorraine confessed that she is missing ‘bedroom’ moments with her husband but her major worry is will he wait for seven years?

“Obvious I miss him (husband); I miss good time I used to have with him. When he comes here to see me, it’s strictly visiting and nothing else.

“There is no chance. He cheated on me while I was outside kuzoti ndamukati, that’s another issue I am much concerned about,” she said adding, “I caught my husband in a compromised position with a married woman and I later discovered that they were in love.

“So one of the days we had a misunderstanding and she wanted to attack me with an axe and I overpowered her and axed her and that led to my arrest,” said Lorraine.

Lorraine has just six months in prison.

“Lorraine said the husband of her husband’s side chick was also aware of the illicit affair and he was pestering her for sex.

“The woman is married and her husband discovered that she was cheating him with my husband, he wanted us to do the same.

“He said we should also fall in love since our partners were also cheating but I refused.

“I ended up approaching police for peace order and that is when I fought with his wife resulting in me committing the crime,” she said.

She said when she was arrested; her husband’s girlfriend was even bragging that they will continue with the illicit affair while she rots in prison.

“Aitonditi nhumbu yaainayo ndeyemurume wangu and they will continue having sex when I get jailed and her wish just happened.

“My husband comes here (prison) to see me. But what pains me is that I was jailed while fighting to keep my family.”

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