Women in the court for stealing cell phones


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ZIMBABWE – A Budriro woman appeared in court for stealing money and cellphones from her client.

Modester Mpofu, 35, a sex worker operating at Budiriro 1 shops, stole the property and money all valued at US$185 after spending a night with Archford Mupanduki,30, who had hired her for the night.

She was sentenced to seven months in jail, before three were suspended for five years on condition she does not commit a similar offence, one was suspended on condition that she restitutes and the remaining three were remanded on condition that she performs 105hours of unpaid work for the benefit of the community at Budiriro poly clinic.

Mpofu had pleaded guilty to theft charges when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Reward Kwenda.

She told the court that she meant to sell the cellphones so as to raise money to pay her father’s hospital bills.

On the other hand Mupanduki told the court that he is baffled as to why Mpofu decided to steal from him since he did not even have sex with her.

“We did not have sex, I was too drunk when I got to my house so I just knocked off, I do not owe her anything because I did not sleep with her so why did she steal from me?,” said Mupanduki.

For the State, Hilda Huni proved that on December 6, Mupanduki was drinking beer at Budiriro 1 shops when he met Mpofu and he hired her for the night.

He took her to his place of residence and when they arrived, Mupanduki knocked off before having sex with Mpofu.

Mpofu woke up at around 4am the next day and took a Nokia cellphone, Huawei cellphone and US$135 cash.

She went away without telling Mupanduki.

When he woke up later on, he realised that his phones and money were missing.

Mupanduki lodged a complaint with the police whose investigations led to the recovery of the Huawei cellphone, in Mpofu’s possession.

Mupanduki identified her as the ‘sex worker’ he had hired the night before.

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