Women left court distressed after her application was dismissed

Women left court distressed after her application was dismissed


ZIMBABWE – A city woman left the civil court distressed after her application for maintenance was dismissed yesterday.

Talent Nenguwo took her husband Gideon Nenguwo to Harare civil court yesterday claiming an amount of $650 for the upkeep of their three children and herself.

Talent told the court that she could no longer fend for the children on her own.

“Gideon left our matrimonial home to stay with another woman; he has since abandoned me and the children.

“I want him to give me the money I am asking for so that my children are able to go to school and find food on the table when they get back.”

In response Gideon said:

“I am incapable of giving her money now because of my health.

“I was involved in a car accident sometime in November and I sustained injuries which have not healed yet.

“At the moment I am surviving on handouts which I receive from well wishers, she is capable of taking care of herself because she is a cross boarder trader.

“As for my children they are being well taken care of by my mother and recently a well wisher paid for all their school fees.”

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, dismissed the application noting that Gideon was in no condition to get employment because of his poor health.

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