Women not at peace after finding his husband’s affair

Women not at peace after finding his husband’s affair


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman is not at peace after finding out that her husband is having an affair and the girlfriend always insults her at all times.

Shupikai Nyashanu appeared at Harare Civil Court seeking Peace Oder against Lucia Budari her husband’s girlfriend who always insults her and she feels her life is not at peace at all when she says:

“This woman is having an affair with my husband and after all l don’t mind their relationship and had never approached her but the problem comes, for she is always insulting me whenever we bump into each other.”

“She insults me at shop most of the time because she knows that the only way I take from my child pre-school.”

“l am no longer at peace whenever she feels to insults me, she uses other peoples mobiles to contact me.”

“lately she used her mother’s phone to call me and eventually the mother apologised on her behalf.”

In responds Budari accepted all the allegations saying:

“Yes I always meet with this woman at shops because thats were l buy my relish and we exchange words but l have never been to her house never.”

“I am not disputing about the phone calls I did messaged her when I wanted us to talk things out but she refused.”

“She also approached me about, threatening about the affair l can’t end our relationship with because l have a child with him.”

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